With so many quartz countertop options available and all offerings hosting their own individual flavor, how do you know which one will work best in your space? Are there things to look for or to avoid when making your quartz countertop selections? Will certain options look outdated in 3-years?!

SPOILER: There is no right or wrong answer to what is best for your space. Personal preference plays a large roll in these decisions, but we are happy to share with you what we [and our past clients] find to work best!

If you are trying to achieve a brighter or larger-feeling space, selecting a quartz pattern that is paler in color and has a more open design can help with that! When you start looking into the “Calacatta” or “Statuario” styles (both created to appear like the natural versions of their marble namesakes) you will find beautiful movement that is bold, yet airy and light.

Bonus tip: Thinking about full-height splash? Selecting a pattern with bold veining makes a beautiful statement, just be aware that the larger veining has a random, natural pattern and the veins may not match up perfectly. 

ENVI Quartz Calacatta Vittoria

Does your project not have much in the way of square footage? If you are working with smaller dimensions but still want that classic marble-look, it might not be a bad idea to leave the large-vein dreams for the next surface. Selecting a pattern with tighter veining, like any of our “Carrara” designs, can allow for better visibility in areas like the powder room and thresholds:

Selecting a tighter pattern in your surface can allow you to tie multiple elements together without it seeming too busy. From a distance, tighter patterns can almost appear to be solid but as you move closer to them, their dynamic side emerges!

Selecting a piece with a more open pattern will allow you to incorporate other design elements in the space, while simultaneously making a statement all it’s own. These types of designs come in a wide range of color and style, making them wonderful options for a variety of design concepts and space sizes.

Caesarstone – Mooreland Fog & LG Viaterra – Everest

“I love mixing in a little extra creamer on Sunday mornings, but do I really want to mix up my countertop patterns?”

CERTAINLY! Two very perky thumbs up, from us! We love a classic kitchen design but understand the need to express yourself.

Gallery Tip: When using different designs in the same space, it is best to remember that they are siblings, not twins. Find pieces that work together, not match!

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