Texture can be used to add both visual and tactile elements to your design. Selecting certain textures, or textured surfaces, can help you achieve a desired look you want for your space, such as: classic, natural, or industrial (just to name a few).

The texture on your stone surface can also be selected for reasons other than aesthetics. People that are prone to migraines might opt for a finish other than gloss to help alleviate unnecessary glare. Inversely, having a glossy finish might help someone with certain vision impairments locate edges a little easier.

Not all textures are created equally, but all are equally great! Let’s get a better feel for the variety of textures that we currently offer and where they can help elevate your design. Below are just a few of the textures that Lakeside has to offer you for your next project!

Gloss finishes on any of our products help to define the lines and tones in the particular piece, adding richness and depth. They can also add some additional light refraction in your space; helping smaller spaces feel larger, and darker spaces seem brighter. A gloss sheen can help to add a little extra radiance and glamour to any space!

Brushed finishes can be found on multiple products in both quartz and granite. The texture of a brushed finish on granite varies from piece to piece, as granite is a natural stone and variation is expected. The brushed finish on certain ENVI quartz products also vary from sheet to sheet, despite them being a man-made product. This process of creating an irregular texture is used with the intention to produce a product that has a more naturally occurring presence. The erratic ware of these particular products could be the perfect addition to a space if you are trying to achieve an industrial look.

One of the newest textures we are hosting in our inventory is this evenly worn, lightly-pocked set of colors from Hanstone. The gloss level between them ranges from none to low, but the texture runs evenly across all surfaces. The feel and look of this series can help add a grounded, natural element that might be exactly what you have been looking for your bohemian chalet, or that off-the-grid cabin on the river.

“I like mixing in textures into my yogurt, but should I really be mixing the textures of my countertops?”

YES! Two enthusiastic [granola-loving] thumbs up! We think mixing textures in a space creates a design that is uniquely you! We especially like this idea if you plan on selecting different designs between your island and perimeter. It is important to note that alternative surfaces are more likely to show water spots, marks, and fingerprints, occasionally requiring more frequent or intense cleaning.

Still Not Sure On How To Utilize Texture In Your Space?
Visit our Visualizer to mix and match all of our surfaces in the comfort of your own home, or come to our Gallery to tantalize your fingertips with all of our options!*

You don’t have to stop with texture. Add a heating element to any surface – new or old – and send those winter blues packing

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