Kitchen Islands have long since been a highly desired kitchen feature.  Not only are they a beautiful focal point, they also provide additional storage and prep space. In recent years, kitchen islands have evolved from simple installations of additional cabinet and countertop space, to grand and elaborate designs, accommodating several seats.

This homeowner had a limited space that was closed off. They opted to remove the wall that separated the kitchen and the living area, creating an open-concept living space. Rather than try to fit a small island and a kitchen table in the space, they combined the two, creating a gorgeous and functional centerpiece. The large island serves as a gathering place where the family can all be together, whether cooking, doing homework or relaxing in the living room.

More and more frequently, we are seeing homeowners abandoning traditional kitchen tables and formal dining rooms altogether, in favor of giant islands which their families and friends can gather around.

Kitchen islands can take many forms, this homeowner opted for an island that resembles a farmhouse table with a neutral quartz top. They chose a rugged chiseled edge on the ends only, adding an element of interest, while the seating area has a flat eased edge, making it comfortable for any forearms resting on the table edge. This particular island is so large that it required nearly two full slabs to be seamed together.  This is also something that you will want to keep in mind if you are considering an island of this size.

If you are considering a large island in your kitchen and want to learn more, stop into our Grand Rapids gallery to speak with our design consultants.

  • Love the look of some of our fancier, premium edge profiles, but worried that it might be too much? An island is the perfect opportunity to utilize a flashier, edge profile and keep the perimeter simple with a more basic option from our standard edge profiles.
  • Trying to get that island to be a true show-stopper but need to keep your budget in check? Splurge on your “WOW” design for the island and then select a complementary design in a lower price group for the perimeter. See all available color options on our website.
  • Is your island large enough to need a seam? Be sure to discuss seam placement with your designer and templator. If you have a heavily patterned or veined color, be sure to request a Slabsmith layout for a better idea of how the final result will look. 

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