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When you renovate your kitchen, there are plenty of decisions to make. In older homes, you may need to make structural changes like combining a kitchen and dining room together into one room. You’ll have to select cabinets and appliances as well. One important choice can get overlooked in the design stage, however. That is selecting the right countertop. While the kitchen is the center of the modern home, countertops are where much of the “magic” happens in this room. Good countertops will make an enormous impact on both the appearance and the functionality of a kitchen space. Choose them with care.

The Kitchen Is the Heart of the Modern Home

Kitchens are important to families in so many ways. First, they’re where you cook and, in many homes, eat your meals. The food itself nourishes your family, and the everyday ritual of cooking it can build important bonds. For people who enjoy cooking or baking, it’s a shared activity and a time to learn, create, and enjoy. The kitchen is where they spend time together doing things they love, whether that’s pulling a pie out of the oven or sipping a glass of wine with friends after dinner.

The right countertop will greatly simplify cooking, baking, and eating in your kitchen space. Our grandmothers had to make do cooking and canning on sideboards and kitchen tables, but today’s kitchens can be designed to make the space comfortable for a variety of activities, including doing homework, school projects, and Pinterest crafts. All of these are made easier working on a smooth, clean surface that is unlikely to burn, scorch, or scratch.

Countertops Make an Impression

Beyond the practical, a beautiful countertop surface is an attention grabber, perhaps even more than your kitchen cabinets will be. They are the horizontal line that your eye will return to again and again to rest upon. A durable, maintenance-free countertop will continue to be an artistic focal point for years. Realtors know this. A home’s resale value depends greatly on how attractive and up to date its kitchen is, and countertops are a huge part of that equation.

You may not realize how important your kitchen is to your family’s lifestyle. Take a moment to consider how you use this space currently or plan to use it after you renovate your kitchen. Have you considered how your countertops will transform the room? The right countertop will complement the other visual focal points in the room, including the cabinets and the appliances, tying all of them together into a visually pleasing whole.

At Lakeside Surfaces we have a large variety of countertop surfaces to choose from on display in our showrooms. Our professionally trained staff is able to install any surface our customers select quickly, safely, and without damage to the heart of your home. We are proud of our no-pressure showroom environment, our extensive inventory, the quality of our products, and our easy installation process. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, feel free to browse our showroom for ideas on which countertops would be best for your dream kitchen.

Call us at 855-700-TOPS (8677) to get started on a project or click here to view over 100 options for your dream surface. Design consultants are available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM  to 4:00 PM via our chat feature at the bottom of this page.


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