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Mixing and Matching Wood With Quartz


In the realm of kitchen design, mixing materials has become a hot trend. From eclectic chairs to mixed-metal fixtures, the combination of wood with quartz and stone countertops has gained popularity. Transform your kitchen into a natural and inviting space with elegant contrasts and polished wood in unexpected places. One of the most captivating trends is the fusion of wood and quartz countertops, offering both functionality and eye-catching design elements. In this article, we will delve into inspiring countertop ideas that designers are exploring today, helping you dominate the world of kitchen design.


Why Mix and Match Countertops?


Create Warmth and Welcoming Spaces:

By incorporating wood countertops, you can infuse your kitchen with warmth and create a more inviting ambiance. Utilize wood-topped spaces and barstools to mark areas where people can gather, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Define Functional Kitchen Areas:

Mixing wood and quartz or stone countertops provides an opportunity to add functional workspaces to your kitchen. For instance, a butcher block section can serve as a dedicated space for quick chopping, separate from the quartz or stone surface.

Create Appealing Contrasts:

Two countertop materials allow you to bring your kitchen together by unifying accent colors while creating visual contrast. Experiment with complementary tones of light and dark for a visually striking and captivating kitchen.

Embrace Your Favorite Countertop Materials:

Why limit yourself to just one countertop material? If you have two favorites, you can design your kitchen around using both. Unleash your creativity and combine wood and quartz countertops to achieve a truly unique and personalized space.

Countertop Materials that Harmonize Beautifully

The hues, accent colors, and even visual movement of quartz countertops designs can sometimes make a perfect pairing with wood. There are countless options when it comes to mixing these materials together! To help inspire your kitchen design decisions, here are some kitchen countertops to consider.

Caribou Butcher Block and Copper Mist Quartz

Copper Mist is among the warmest and most energetic Quartz countertop designs. This subtly warm gray countertop is glowing with amber undertones and a lively grain of cream to dark brown. It blends perfectly with the warm tones found in Caribou Block countertops.

Luce Oro and Walnut Butcher Block

Luce Oro is a warm, flowing porcelain countertop with the appearance of cream stirred with just a touch of coffee. You will love the rich visual texture of this nonporous ceramic, but those coffee highlights will bring your walnut butcher block countertops to life in a delicious contrast of light and dark.

Marble Block and Aurora Suede Quartz

Swap the contrasting roles, and you will find a beautiful kitchen with light maple butcher block counters combined with the warm, almost black texture of Aurora Suede Quartz countertops. Aurora Suede is shot with accents of white which will blend with the maple while creating a dramatic kitchen contrast.

Chantilly Quartz and Stiletto Matte Porcelain

For a more subtle blend, consider the elegant combination of delicately gray-patterned Chantilly Quartz with the subtle elegance of Stiletto Matte Porcelain’s cool gray surface. Both nonporous countertops will complement each other while making your Chantilly grain the star of the show.

Calacatta Vittoria Quartz and Grey Expo

Calacatta Vittoria is a quartz countertop of pristine white shot with elegant gray grains that flow in grand sweeps along each slab. Alone, Calacatta makes for wonderful waterfall islands and backsplashes but looks truly superb when paired with the simple elegance of Grey Expo.

Red Oak Block and Serenity Quartz

If you’d like a mixed wood and quartz with a red and gold theme, consider the beauty of Serenity Quartz countertops which appear to be cream with gold highlights and delicate golden grain. These gold accents flawlessly highlight the red oak’s rich red and golden tones when chosen as a contrasting countertop material.

5 Tips for Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials

  • Complimentary Accent Colors
    • Use accent colors in your countertop materials to highlight each other’s primary hues. Complimentary accent colors make a high-contrast room look amazing together instead of eclectic.
  • Create Balance with Light and Dark Contrast
    • Alternate a light and dark color theme to create a harmonious balance in the space, including with your countertops.
  • Harmonious Visual Movement
    • Each stone slab and grain has a visual movement, it seems to flow, and its patterns are unique. When looking for slabs that will make the perfect dual-material counter, remember to ensure that they must complement each other in terms of flow, detail, and visual movement. Avoid clashing and seek harmonious patterns.
  • Coordinate Your Cabinets
    • Use your cabinets to bring out and unify colors represented in your countertops. This is particularly effective when using contrast.
  • Make Your Island an Accent Piece
    • Turn any island into a centerpiece using dramatic designs and waterfall panels that draw the eye to your island.

Explore Mixing Quartz and Wood Countertops for Your Kitchen with Lakeside Surfaces INC.

Here at Lakeside Surfaces, we understand that your kitchen renovation has some big decisions ahead. Let our designers help create the perfect kitchen design and dual-countertop upgrade by mixing wood with quartz that accents each other.

Not sure which materials will look the best in your kitchen? We can help you with style and material questions over the phone in our showroom, or you can schedule an in-home consultation visit with one of our professional designers here in West Michigan.

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