Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Which outdoor kitchen countertop choices are best for my project?

Designing an outdoor kitchen in West Michigan is one of the luxuries of being a homeowner. Outdoor living beckons family and friends to enjoy time in fair weather and good company. Whether your outdoor kitchen features a barbecue pit, a brick pizza oven, or a spinning slushie machine, it all comes together in your choice of outdoor kitchen countertops. The countertop is your primary work surface for ambiance and functionality in your outdoor kitchen design.

How do you choose the best countertop for outdoor kitchen style and performance? You want to consider aesthetics, durability, and an easily cleaned surface. Design the perfect space to move the heart of your home outdoors during the best weather of the year.

We Recommend Granite and Porcelain for Outdoor Kitchens

The best materials for outdoor countertops are granite and porcelain due to their beauty and remarkable durability. Granite is the strongest stone in the countertop industry, while porcelain bakes to a perfectly smooth surface in your choice of color and veining. 

Porcelain Countertop Benefits

  • UV Resistant and color-lasting in Sunshine
  • Non-porous making it resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Scratch resistant
  • High heat Resistant
  • Continuous Slab Design, eliminating the need for grouting
  • 1cm Thick Minimum Thickness
  • A Sleek, Modern Look
  • Infinite Matching for Waterfalls and Surrounds

Porcelain is a beautiful countertop made of delicate porcelain clay fired into hard, durable perfection. Porcelain can give you pristine, glowing white countertops, or you can choose from a beautiful variety of colors where the porcelain has been blended and swirled with pigment within the sealed surface. A porcelain countertop is stylish and modern, excellent for resisting heat (ex: hot pans). Additionally, porcelain countertops are easy to clean. 

Granite Countertop Benefits

  • Luxurious Yet Affordable Stone
  • Extremely Durable
  • Scratchproof and Impact Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Many Stylistic Edging Options

Granite countertops have long been the symbol of a luxury kitchen and make the perfect luxury you can take to the outdoor kitchen. Granite is a natural solid stone, found in vivid or subtle colors and grained with remnants of the same minerals pressed in the earth as the granite formed. Granite is highly durable, scratchproof, and easy to keep clean with proper care. Granite countertops are typically thicker, allowing for elegant to modern edge varieties to match your outdoor design theme.

Concrete and Quartz Are Not Ideal

Which countertop materials should you avoid for an outdoor kitchen? You already know that porcelain and granite are solid and beautiful choices. However, you may want to avoid concrete or quartz countertops for outdoor kitchen design. Tile and stainless steel countertops may also be less than ideal. Here’s why:

Cons of Outdoor Concrete Countertops

  • Porous and not stain resistant
  • Concrete may crack when exposed to fluctuating temperatures
  • Prone to chips or scratches Easily if not sealed properly 

Cons of Outdoor Quartz Countertop

  • While a beautiful and durable material that is highly recommended for indoor kitchens, quartz in not UV resistant and may discolor if exposed to direct sunlight.

Cons to Stainless Steel Outdoor Countertop

  • Can become searingly hot when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Rusts when exposed to moisture 
  • Vulnerable to scratches

Cons of Tile Outdoor Countertops

  • Grout creates porous weak points
  • Prone to staining, grout is difficult to clean
  • Grout will crack when exposed to temperature fluctuations and severe weather 

The Best Countertop for Your Outdoor Kitchen

How do you choose the best countertop for an outdoor kitchen? Granite and porcelain countertops are well-rated in beauty, durability, and non-porous lasting quality over time. Do you want a classic stone look or a sleek modern countertop design? Are you favoring cottage design or a beautiful waterfall flow to backsplashes and island sides?

You can choose the perfect outdoor countertop based on the performance and appearance you want to see in your beautiful new outdoor kitchen.

Lakeside Surfaces Can Help You Choose the Best Outdoor Kitchen Counter

The perfect counter for your outdoor kitchen and living space will be defined by the style and experience you want to create.  Granite is classic and as durable as the mountain it was carved from. Porcelain offers a pristine surface with elegant colors and timeless textures. Spacious or cozy, traditional or modern, Lakeside Surfaces can help you choose the best countertop for your outdoor kitchen design.
See the slabs for yourself at our Grand Rapids showroom, or contact us today to discover more about the right choice in outdoor kitchen countertops.

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