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Revitalizing a 150-Year-Old Farmhouse: The Journey to New Countertops

Old House Countertop Replacement

Nestled within the walls of a 150-year-old farmhouse, the heart of our home, the kitchen, underwent a transformation 15 years ago. While the yellow cabinets and laminate countertops once breathed life into the space, time has taken its toll, leaving us with worn surfaces that are begging for an update. Recently, we replaced the floors with the timeless beauty of real maple wood, creating a harmonious atmosphere that now only emphasizes the need for new countertops. Join my on this exciting journey as we explore the reasons behind the decision and the thrilling prospect of a kitchen makeover.

Countertop Wear And Tear

The Wear and Tear:

Our laminate countertops, faithful companions over the years, have succumbed to the inevitable wear and tear of family life. The surface print has worn off in several places, revealing the stories of countless meals and moments shared around the kitchen table. The laminate near the sink has separated, leading to unfortunate water leaks into the cabinets below. Our resilient 4-year-old, a budding kitchen helper, adds to the chaos by splashing water during dishwashing adventures. To top it off, a memorable accident involving a baseball bat has left the island countertop dented, reminding us that life in a farmhouse is never dull.

Deciding to upgrade countertops

The Decision to Upgrade:

Realizing the urgent need for a change, we decided to seek the expertise of Lakeside Surfaces. Their team of professionals not only understood our predicament but also offered a solution that exceeded our expectations. A design consultant visited our farmhouse, armed with an array of samples that showcased the possibilities for our new countertops. We were thrilled to learn that the renovation could include an expansion of our island—an unexpected bonus that addresses the challenges of a growing family.

The Exciting Transformation:

With an estimate in hand and our questions answered, we eagerly anticipate the next step in the process. A measurement technician will soon visit to laser measure our cabinets, bringing us one step closer to the kitchen of our dreams. Perhaps the most exciting revelation was the consultant’s suggestion to paint the cabinets and add new hardware, promising a comprehensive transformation that goes beyond the countertops.

Choosing the Right Color:

One of the pivotal decisions in this process is choosing the right countertop color. With the real maple wood floors as our inspiration, we’re considering a palette that complements the warmth and charm of our farmhouse kitchen. Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll unveil the chosen countertop color and share the ongoing journey of our kitchen makeover.


As we embark on this kitchen renovation adventure, the prospect of new countertops symbolizes not just a cosmetic upgrade but a commitment to enhancing the heart of our home. From worn-out laminate to a fresh, inviting space, our farmhouse kitchen is set to undergo a remarkable transformation. Join us as we document each step of the process, sharing the excitement, challenges, and ultimately the joy of breathing new life into a 150-year-old farmhouse kitchen.

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