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Wood countertops are a popular option for eco-chic kitchens. Caribou wood tops use straight, full-length cuts of wood, fused together, sanded, and sealed, using Caribou’s superior End+Edge technology. The wood’s warm tones blend well with any style, from French country and traditional to contemporary, Mediterranean, and eclectic.

Unlike other materials, wood is warm to the touch as well as in appearance. It can give a cozy feel to any room, and its aesthetic works well with other materials. Caribou wood tops are sealed at the factory and are maintenance-free, requiring no resealing.


How To Clean Wood Countertops

Too often, homeowners with wood countertops will treat the counters like a giant cutting board. Unfortunately, this causes damage and invites bacteria to settle into the small cuts that are made. It also doesn’t look as nice if it has been hashed with knives every time you cook. When it comes to wood maintenance for countertops, there are some things you should know.

Protecting Your Countertops Takes Commitment

Some easy daily preventative maintenance includes:

  1. Always use a cutting board. We know your wood countertops look like a big cutting board, but they’re not. Not only does using the countertop as a cutting board invite bacteria in, but it also creates dents, dings, and nicks that will make the surface look awful.
  2. Clean up spills as quickly as possible.
  3. Do not place hot items directly on your wood. You could end up with a burnt spot or other damage if you set hot pans directly onto the wood. Use mats or trivets instead.

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