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budget countertop installationChoosing to have new countertops installed is exciting. Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling an old kitchen, picking the right countertop will make a huge impact in how your kitchen will look and feel. At Lakeside Surfaces we understand countertop installation. That’s our business. We also know that most people who are deciding on an installer will consider price as the deciding factor. Cost is important. However, as an installer with decades of experience, we also want you to know what homeowners get when they opt for budget countertop installation. You may be surprised.

Elements of a Successful Countertop Installation

Every day Lakeside Surfaces offers the public an open invitation to use our countertop showrooms as a resource for making decisions about the stone they want. We have been in this business for 25 years. We understand that most of the people who walk through our doors and examine our materials will not buy their countertops from us. We also know, from working with clients for years, that there are specific aspects of their countertop installation that make them happy. We have asked our customers what they valued about having their countertops installed, and here is what they mention:

Professional, trained fabricators – How will your installers treat your home during the time the workers are in it? Will they treat it like it’s their own home? Will they have processes they are trained to follow in the home, so that the countertops are installed with professionalism, quickly, safely, and without damage?

On-staff installers – Will your installation company send their own people who know they will be held responsible for the care and quality of the work being done? Will they be people who are employed by the fabricator and trained in both the installation process and customer service?

Warranteed work – Will your warranty cover both material defects from the manufacturer and production or install issues?

What You Get When You Buy Budget Countertops

None of this is included in the cost of a budget installation, unfortunately. It’s not the baseline standard of the countertop industry to offer any of the above. This means that any customer who chooses an installer based solely on price takes a chance that their installation crew will be tardy, poorly trained, and careless in their home. Budget installers may leave dirt or discarded materials behind, and they likely won’t offer a dual warranty on materials and installation either.

The Lakeside Surfaces Difference

Lakeside Surfaces offers an easy, worry-free install. Our history is installing countertops in high-end homes, so we are very familiar with exacting standards. We have invested in fabricator training and created processes to ensure a quality installation everywhere we install. Everything we do on site and in our customers’ homes is reviewed by our quality control department.

Before we enter, our installers will survey your home and make a plan to safeguard it. We use both blankets and booties to protect floors and cabinets from damage or dirt. During the installation, we clean constantly with brushes, vacuums, and brooms so that we leave your home even cleaner than we found it.

We do not subcontract out our jobs to other companies. We have locations throughout Michigan, and all of our installers are on staff, local to your area, and extensively trained in our processes. They will arrive on time and treat you and your home with respect and consideration. We also offer a dual warranty on all of our work. Our customer service satisfaction rate is 97% as measured by a third party.

Lakeside Surfaces also has multiple galleries that the public can visit to see all countertop options displayed in huge slabs. There are stone options for every budget and aesthetic. Our galleries are a no-sales-pressure environment, and we can install anything our customers choose. None of our competitors in Michigan can offer the same guarantee.

All of the above are included in our installation price, and we believe the peace of mind of a careful, professional installation is worth a higher cost. Most people will purchase countertops only once or twice in a lifetime, so they want the installation done exactly right. Lakeside Surfaces offers our assurance that it will be. We are the largest countertop fabricator in the Midwest for a reason – and that’s because we do not do budget countertop installation.

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