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Distinctive Sinks & Faucets for the Home

The style and size of sinks you choose for your home contribute to the design elegance of the entire space. Some sinks and faucets have a modern look and others offer a Mediterranean feel. At Lakeside Surfaces, it’s easy to find the perfect finishing touches for your dream kitchen, bathroom, open-air kitchen, or bar. Our sinks and faucets are legendary for quality, beauty, and price.

Popular Types of Kitchen Sinks

No kitchen island or granite countertop is complete without a stylish kitchen sink. In fact, many modern kitchens use two sinks: one for the counter area and another for the island. You have many different options to choose from when deciding what type of kitchen sink and faucet design fits your home’s personality the best:

  • Single basin: This sink uses a large basin that can hold a lot of veggies or dishes. It’s popular for food-prep areas since you can wash most of your ingredients right away. Washing Dutch ovens and other large pans is also a breeze.
  • 50/50: This type of sink has two basins that are equal sizes. It provides a nice balance of size and practicality without taking up too much counter space. A 50/50 sink is versatile; you can use it to prepare a meal and wash dishes at the same time, for example.
  • Double basin: There is really no limit to the design options possible with sinks that have two basins. Many double styles have a larger basin paired with a smaller one. This makes it easier to wash large pans and still have another basin free for something else.
  • Three basins: These sinks are a family chef’s dream, with room to prepare meals, clean up and have a separate disposal area.

Gorgeous Bathroom Sinks

In a bathroom, the focus is less on practical considerations and more on design possibilities. You want a sink that complements your vision for the space, be it bold contours or maximum luxury.

Freestanding vanity bowls are popular for contemporary bathrooms. They work perfectly for designs that are minimalist, chic, artistic, or modern. You can select from stainless-steel or ceramic for this type of sink.

If you want a warmer atmosphere for a relaxed farmhouse feel, choose a larger porcelain sink. The color white has always had a bright and spacious effect on country bathrooms. Porcelain basins are also an excellent choice for spa-like ensuite baths.

Elegant Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

You can put your own signature design on a space. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the right faucet can make or break a kitchen or bathroom, so it’s smart to choose something that gets you excited:

  • Sleek: Contemporary faucets feel neutral and cool, showing off the beautiful sheen of polished metal. The spout gently curves upward and the handle is often a straight bar.
  • Elegant: For maximum sophistication, choose a faucet with intricate details. For example, the handle may be shaped similar to a petal with a number of curves.
  • Simple: Sometimes, less is more. These faucets look similar to styles from the 1950s and 1960s, fitting mid-century or farmhouse looks beautifully.
  • Angled: Sharp angles are impossible to ignore. These faucets have geometric designs that deliver a powerful artistic statement.

Choosing the shape of your faucets is only the beginning. You can customize the style even more by selecting different types of metal. Italian-inspired bathrooms look incredible with dark bronze or black finishes. For a brighter ambiance, select chrome or stainless-steel.

Tips for Choosing the Right Faucet

The best faucet for your bathroom or kitchen depends on whether you’re installing a brand-new sink or simply updating fixtures. It’s important for sink and faucet design to match so plumbing fits. We have many different single-hole faucets, center-set faucets, and widespread faucets (with three separate fixtures). Once you know the basic configuration you need, you can look at different styles to find one that fits the overall theme of your kitchen or bathroom.

Help With Sink and Faucet Design Choices

Having a lot of options for sinks and faucets is a good thing. At the same time, all of the possibilities can feel a little overwhelming. If you need help locating the perfect sink and faucet design for your home remodeling project, our interior design pros are happy to assist. Contact us by visiting our Kentwood, MI showroom, sending us an email, or giving us a call right away!