Plainfield Township, MI

What makes a kitchen beautiful changes from decade to decade. Updating, upgrading, and renovating your Plainfield Township kitchen is part of the natural lifecycle of the house, and your right as a homeowner to design kitchens and bathrooms that you love.

Here at Lakeside Surfaces, we can help you completely reinvent your kitchen or bathroom to meet the latest standards of beauty and design. 

Countertop Installation

New countertops are an essential part of kitchen and bathroom remodels in Plainfield Township, MI. The countertop is your opportunity to completely change the look and feel of your kitchen without rebuilding the cabinetry. What type of countertop is the perfect final piece of your kitchen design?


Granite is known for its beauty and durability. For decades, granite countertops have defined luxury and practical kitchen design. Choose from an incredible variety of colors and grains; granite can work for any elegant kitchen style or color palette.


Quartz countertops are manufactured; poured artificial stone in custom colors, chips, and grains. Quartz can look like granite, marble, wood, or something entirely unique. It’s also non-porous and doesn’t need to be sealed.


Porcelain countertops are as pristine as they are beautiful. Perfectly hard and perfectly heat resistant, porcelain is a high-tech and surprisingly lightweight countertop option with a breathtaking selection of worked-in colors and grains.


Wood countertops are trending and hitting the market with a splash! These natural countertops are made from renewable resources and their beautiful, natural tones will make your kitchen glow. 

Gallery Showings

Ready to bring your Plainfield Township kitchen renovation to life? Visit us at our Lakeside Surfaces showroom in Grand Rapids to explore our collection of surfaces that will truly brighten up your home.

Find Your New Custom Countertops in Plainfield Township

Here at Lakeside Surfaces, we would be honored to host you and help you discover the perfect countertop for your kitchen. Michigan families can rely on our teams for beautiful, expert countertop design and in-home installation services. Call Lakeside Surfaces at 231-798-8872 or request a quote to get started.