Kentwood, MI

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops in Kentwood MI

Selecting your countertops is one of the most significant parts of renovating your kitchen or building a new home in Kentwood, MI. Do you want the luxurious gleam of marble, the pristine durability of granite, or the warm feel of woodblock countertops for your home? You can find beautiful custom countertop options and experts to help you choose the perfect slab at Lakeside Surfaces.

Countertop Installation

Bringing a new countertop into your home is a big project. You can rely on Lakeside experts to ensure each piece is perfectly cut, transported, and installed with precision in your beautiful Kentwood kitchen.


Granite has represented luxury and timelessness in countertop design for centuries of beautiful homes. Give your home that eternal gleam of natural stone with granite countertops.


Artificial stone has great potential because you can choose colors and designs that don’t occur naturally but still enjoy that wonderfully cold, smooth feel of stone in your kitchen design.


Are you looking for beautiful, gleaming white countertops or smooth tops with a perfect stain to match your color scheme? Porcelain is durable and breathtaking in a custom kitchen.


Wood countertops are increasingly popular, bringing the warmth of nature to your countertops.

Gallery Showings

Visit our Grand Rapids gallery to view your countertop choices in person. Touch the stone, smell the wood, and decide which custom countertop choice will bring your kitchen to life.

Find Your New Custom Countertops in Kentwood

You can find an incredible selection of custom countertop materials and designs with Lakeside Surfaces. We would be honored to help you make your kitchen breathtaking and customized to your specifications with our custom countertop services. Call Lakeside Surfaces at 231-798-8872 or request a quote to get started.

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