Cutlerville, MI

Designing a custom kitchen for your Cutlerville home is an investment you will enjoy every day for years to come. You can find excellent custom countertop options and helpful professionals at Lakeside Surfaces.

Countertop Installation

When planning a custom countertop installation, you want the best. You can find beautiful natural stone, artificial slabs, and even warm wood tops of the highest quality. Once you choose, our countertop experts will ensure your countertop installation goes perfectly in your Cutlerville kitchen.


Granite is more than stone monochrome; it comes in a beautiful and vivid array of colors and breathtaking grains. Explore luxury countertops that add class to your kitchen and last a lifetime with granite.


Are you looking to customize your Cutlerville kitchen design truly? Quartz is a manufactured stone pressed together with quartz chips and resin. This means you can choose any color and any grain you desire, even if it doesn’t occur in nature.


Porcelain countertops are the only tops that are perfectly heat resistant and surprisingly indestructible. They can gleam pristine white, or you can choose a beautiful stain swirled into the clay before it is fired into the perfect countertop pieces.


Wood countertops bring warm, natural tones to your kitchen and feel warm to the touch instead of cold like stone. If you want a cozy and welcoming kitchen, consider Caribou block.

Gallery Showings

Are you longing to touch and explore your stone and wood options in person? Visit our Lakeside Surfaces gallery in Grand Rapids to get to know each type of slab you can choose and fall in love with your future countertop material and design with the help of our custom countertop installation experts.

Find Your New Custom Countertops in Cutlerville

Your new countertop is waiting to be discovered with Lakeside Surfaces. Call Lakeside Surfaces at 231-798-8872 or request a quote to get started.

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