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Cedar Springs, MI

Beautiful countertops are the perfect finish to any kitchen or bathroom renovation in Cedar Springs, MI. Whether you choose natural stone, personalized porcelain, or warm hardwood countertop materials, your countertops will define the entire space. Which countertop material is perfect for your Cedar Springs kitchen? You can discover them online or in person at Lakeside Surfaces.


Give your home a glow with a new countertop installation. Countertops take center stage as the focal point of any kitchen. Your choice in both material and color palette will create your desired aesthetic impact. The base color of your counters should complete your color palette, while the grain brings out the accent colors throughout your design.


Granite is the definition of luxury countertop design in natural stone. You can find granite and its grains in various colors, from glistening white and gold to deep forest green and azure. Granite grains have a creamy or fractured swirl with multiple colors playing together in each slab. Granite is also highly durable and can last for centuries if resealed every two years.


Quartz is and engineered stone made of crushed quartz mixed with pigments and sealed with resin. Both stain resistant and heat resistant, quartz countertops are highly durable. Available in a variety of textures and colors, this countertop material is the perfect selection for your next kitchen or bath remodeling project.


Porcelain is a beautiful design option available in a glossy, velvet or matte finishes. Made from non-porous ceramic and various minerals, porcelain is incredibly tough and durable product that is stain, water and mildew resistant. Porcelain is also highly heat resistant making it the perfect stone selection for fireplace surrounds and outdoor kitchens.


Wood is growing in popularity as a sustainable and beautiful countertop option. Hardwoods can last over fifty years and make for a warm and versatile countertop surface. While some wood countertop options require re-oiling or refinishing over time, our Caribou Block is durable and maintenance-free.

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Gallery Showings

Explore fine countertop styles, and textures at the Lakeside Surfaces Inspiration Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI. Touch, smell, and visualize each countertop material – even take free samples home to consider as you choose the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

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Find Your New Custom Countertops in Cedar Springs

Lakeside Surfaces has everything you need to build the perfect countertop for your home renovation. Do you prefer to shop in the comfort of your living room? We offer in-home design consultations with samples for you to view, contact us online or call at 231-265-0544.