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As a central component in some of the most frequently used spaces in your home, countertops have the potential to dramatically transform the look and feel of a room. Learn more about your options, find inspiration from others, and plan your own dream project.


Direct from our extensive network of professional designers, architects and remodelers, our Expert Knowledge blog will help you find the best information about countertop projects and other surfacing applications. Start here and equip yourself with tips and tricks from the pros, so you know exactly what materials, designs, and options will work best for your home.


What better way to narrow down your extensive options than to see them in action? Check out our inspiration gallery to fall in love with one of our awe-inspiring surfaces. From cottage kitchens featuring elegant marble designs, to modern, chic remodels made perfect with classic monochromatics, ignite your inner designer with these gorgeous projects.


Now we’re talking. Tell us a bit about your kitchen or bathroom and we’ll help you get started. All you need is some basic measurements of your cabinets or your existing surfaces. Still not sure what materials or options you need? No problem. We’ll gather the details and let you know how they might affect your budget.

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