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New year, new you, new…kitchen?

Viatera Cantata Quartz Countertop

New year, new you, new…kitchen?


The beginning of a new year implores reflection and orchestration. We take inventory of the past and contemplate improvements for the road ahead. Some may focus on a fitness goal and others may aim for a major lifestyle change. But as you map out your 2023, don’t forget about enhancements to your environment: your home!


No one should renovate a room in their home on a whim, especially a kitchen as it features numerous variables and components to consider. The average price of a kitchen remodel floats north of $20k — but one must analyze the context to understand the full story when it comes to cost. Budgeting a kitchen remodel requires adroit planning as the inclusion of everything from cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances and more must be accounted for.


A good starting point in crafting your budget is a kitchen component integral to both aesthetics and function: countertops. You may feel pressure here and there to skimp on price for some aspects of your kitchen, but it’s highly recommended you avoid doing it with the countertops. So, when configuring a budget, prepare to allocate a large portion to countertops.


You’ll want to spend adequate time deciding your countertops as it’s one of the first things you — and visitors — notice when stepping into the kitchen. Many factors, from material to size, affect a countertop’s cost. To get a ballpark understanding, the average countertop size is 30-40 square feet with a cost of $3k to $5k. These numbers fluctuate depending of course on the size of your kitchen and the desired material and finish. And diving into those details may require assistance…


Lakeside Surfaces offers four types of custom countertops: granite, porcelain, quartz and wood. Each material offers their own benefits as a countertop selection. Those prioritizing budget over style may be more inclined to choose quartz or granite. Quartz countertops provide homeowners with a superior stone surface available in a wide range of colors and patterns that can match any style, traditional or contemporary. Granite countertops are an elegant and practical solution, as its long-lasting durability translates to a cost-effective investment.


Budgeting a kitchen remodel can feel overwhelming with all the different directions you can go, and that’s with the countertops alone. Our website works as a great launching pad to find the styles that flow with the look of your home. Better yet, when you see something you like, we offer free samples so you know how it appears in your home before you buy.


When you are ready to take budgeting your remodel to the next level, you can even schedule a free in-home consultation with a member of Lakeside Surfaces’ design team. Our professionals can then make recommendations based on your space — and that’s not only for countertops with your kitchen remodel but also layout, cabinetry, and more. They’ll help with materials, style, and of course expected budget.


If you’re ready to cook up a new kitchen in 2023, start your planning now. Take your time with the planning stage as careful consideration of all the kitchen’s facets — especially the countertops — is strongly encouraged. And when you are ready, Lakeside Surfaces is prepared to coach you through the process and help you meet your goals!


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