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Comstock Park, MI Kitchen and Bath Custom Countertop Installation

Are you interested in renovating your home in Comstock Park but aren’t sure where to start? Installing custom countertops can make an impact in your kitchen, bathroom, or both – and our team at Lakeside Surfaces is here to help! We offer a variety of striking surface materials to compliment your space.

Schedule a visit to our Inspiration Gallery

Get up close and personal with our quartz, granite, porcelain, and Caribou woodblock countertops by scheduling a visit to our 29th Street gallery in Kentwood, Michigan! Here, you’ll be able to view larger samples and slabs of our material offerings and get expert advice from our Design Consultants!

Want to avoid the crowds? Our Residential Design Consultant can come straight to your home and provide an at-home consultation.

A Look Into Countertop Installation

There are a variety of materials available for use in your countertop project, each with unique pros and cons. How can you tell which material is best for you and your project? The Design Consultants at our Inspiration Gallery can help you find an option that fits your needs and style.

Caribou Wood Block

Caribou Wood Block countertops are a beautiful option and come in seven colors. These handcrafted wood countertops are food-safe, impact-resistant, waterproof, and maintenance-free. They can complement many styles while adding a touch of warmth to your space.


Granite countertops are striking, natural, and cost-effective option that will add value to your home. If you plan to sell your home within the next few years, granite is an excellent choice that will impress potential buyers.

Granite, however, is not maintenance-free and does require annual sealing contingent on how and how much you use your space. Luckily, resealing your granite is a simple process that most homeowners can do without professional assistance.


Porcelain countertops are a combination of minerals that seal when fired, resulting in a non-porous surface that is bacteria resistant and stain resistant. These hygienic qualities make it perfect for custom countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

Because porcelain has an enameled print, it offers colors and patterns that replicate the beauty of natural stone without maintenance.


One of the most popular choices for Kitchen and Bathroom surfaces, Quartz countertops are an engineered stone that replicates the look for natural stone. This high-quality material option is low-maintenance as it is non-porous and stain-resistant.

Where to Find New Customer Countertops in Comstock Park

Lakeside Surfaces offers high-quality material options resulting in a high-quality product, ensuring a durable, beautiful countertop no matter which material you choose. We invite homeowners to learn more about our surface options by reaching out to us online or contacting us directly at 231.246.2220.

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