Introducing 40 brand new colors!

At Lakeside Surfaces, we are constantly updating our palette with new, exciting colors and patterns. Our team members are passionate about keeping their finger on the pulse of design trends within our industry and are always seeking new partners to help provide our customers with the latest and greatest in surface offerings.

With that in mind, we are so excited to announce our new partnership with Cosentino, which will introduce 36 Silestone Quartz colors and 4 Ultra-Compact Dekton colors to our extensive palette. Through this most recent amplification of our palette, we hope to provide both our customers and designers with unique colors and patterns to fit the needs of any style!

While we can’t fit all these amazing new offerings in one blog post – we can show you a few of our favorites. Keep on reading and prepare to get as excited as we are for this new product launch!

Without further ado…


Silestone Quartz

Tags: gold, white, cool, grey, vein, veining, quartz, Silestone

Golden shades and blueish-grey veining mimic eternity and elegance in this quartz surface inspired by one of the most desired natural stones in history.

Visit the Calacatta Gold product page here.


Silestone Quartz

Tags: earthy, green, grey, suede, sueded, quartz, veining, Silestone

The earthy, greenish-grey background of this sueded quartz surface provides a striking backdrop for its white, lightning-like veining.

Visit the Charcoal Soapstone product page here.


Silestone Quartz

Tags: gold, white, copper, charcoal, veining, fleck, blue, blue grey, grey, universal, Silestone

Gold, white, copper, and charcoal veining create gorgeous detailing and beautiful movement throughout the stunning, blueish-grey base of this quartz surface. This universal design works well with a variety of styles and cabinetry colors.

View the Copper Mist product page here.


Silestone Quartz

Tags: light, vein, veining, white, minimal, neutral

Neutral in design – light, veined tones stream through a pure white base.

View the Miami Vena product page here.

View all of our new Silestone Quartz Colors here!


Dekton Ultra-Compact Surfaces

Tags: quartzite, warm, vein, veining, porcelain, dekton

A blend of neutrals and off-whites are complimented by golden-copper valleys and accented with bright white lacing, giving this piece realistic quartzite vibes.

View the Taga product page here.


Dekton Ultra-Compact Surfaces

Tags: rustic, warm, vein, veining, porcelain, dekton

By using a blend of deep and worn browns and greys, this design envokes the look of oxidized steel. Perfect for contemporary, rustic, or industrial spaces.

View the Trilium product page here.

View all of our new Dekton Surfaces here!

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