Holiday Budget Countertops

Countertops are an unsung hero in the holiday season. From Grandma’s secret stuffing recipe to Mom’s special roast, numerous traditional holiday dishes you love are prepped and plated upon countertops. Kitchens bustle with so much cooking this time of year, sometimes you can’t even see the countertop’s surface as dish after dish is prepared. If all this time in the kitchen has new countertops top of mind, perhaps Santa can reach into his bag and surface some fresh solutions to your cooking space. And Lakeside Surfaces has the elves ready to complete your countertop project, every step of the way from consult to installation.

Budgeting For Countertops

Budgeting is always essential during the holidays as we make a list and check it twice with gift giving for family and friends. This year, inflation accentuates our awareness of mindful spending, leaving many of us feeling like the Grinch as we clutch our purses and wallets. Here at Lakeside Surfaces, we’ve got a nose so bright to lead you through the fog of tight budgets and land upon beautiful countertops that won’t break the bank nor sacrifice quality.


Budget Quartz Countertop

Budget Quartz Countertops

One of the first big decisions with any countertop remodel project is choosing the material. Surface type is integral in the look and functionality of your kitchen. The cost of your project also fluctuates depending on the material you choose. And with an array of options available, you’ll find both stylish and cost-effective solutions. With the materials available at Lakeside Solutions, quartz countertops often emerge as a favorite when the emphasis is on finding an economic solution.


Through a combination of polymer resins, quartz is engineered to be a superior stone surface. Durability, attractiveness, and cleanliness are all qualities of quartz — three advantages that together not every surface type retains. Since quartz is a manufactured stone, it possesses a beneficial quality of consistency that enables more control in the material’s color finality. With color, we have numerical price groups ranging one to nine, with one being an economy color and nine representing luxury. Layering and depth of colors influence price increases amid a countertop project — the whiter the color, the more layering is required since it’s harder to make.


Those on a budget can choose quartz as the surface material and pair it with a color in group one or two and render a beautiful countertop at a great price. Customers who choose quartz experience the same quality, heat resistance, scratch resistance and resplendent glow as nearly anything in the luxury line. Quartz countertops are nonporous, which means you can forgo sealing unlike granite or marble.


Fantasy Brown | Granite | Group 1

Budget Granite Countertops

Those underscoring expense in their remodels can also consider granite countertops as a cost-effective solution. This 100% natural hard stone is mined from quarries around the world, cut down to a manageable size and then polished to a fine finish for an elegant appearance. It’s available in myriad colors and patterns because of the way it’s formed, offering seemingly limitless design options as you configure your remodel.


As one of the hardest stone materials available, granite provides high practicality since its susceptibility to wear and tear remains low through its long lifespan. This countertop solution is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. With a proactive maintenance plan (we recommend resealing each year), a granite countertop is an affordable investment with decades-lasting potential.


If you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel, don’t allow cost to deter the pursuit of creating your dream space. Lakeside Surfaces features an all-encompassing process that keeps a project’s every step in-house — this includes an adept consultation team that assists in crafting a solution conducive to your budget while maintaining the desired design and function. So if you’re in the kitchen this holiday season and find yourself inspired to make a change, contact Lakeside Surfaces for design advice and free samples. All those delicious homecooked meals deserve a stunning countertop.


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