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This month’s focus is on Quartz, what it is, how it’s made, and other important tid-bits! Get the scoop on our blog HERE, then check out our Design Consultants’ helpful advice as you move forward with your project.

1. No surprises here!

Since quartz is a manufactured stone, quartz is 95% consistent from slab to slab. That means you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and won’t have to spend any extra time tagging a slab!

2. Don’t have much time for maintenance?

Since Quartz is maintenance-free, you won’t need to worry about resealing your quartz countertops every year! If you want to save even more time, consider a Full Height Backsplash for your next project and eliminate the grout of a traditional tile backsplash.

3. Aiming for a perfect match?

While quartz is 95% consistent from slab-to-slab, if you’re opting for a color or pattern with heavy veining and lots of negative space, matching seams perfectly is impossible. Our Engineers do their best to match up seams as well as they can but if this might bother you, consider softer veins or something with a consistent pattern. Learn more about color and pattern expectations here.

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    Katie – Design Consultant

    Katie has been at our Inspiration Gallery for over 3 years.

    Katie’s favorite colors are Fantasy Brown and Paradise.

    Katie thinks it’s hip to be square!…unless you’re an edge profile.

    “I like to couple my personal experiences with the client’s wants/needs to help discover the most suitable product for their project. I also like breakfast for dinner and fresh-cut grass.”

    Kelsey – Social Media Coordinator

    Kelsey joined our team Spring, 2021.

    Her favorite colors are Unique Calacatta Black and Moorland Fog.

    With her background in the beauty industry, digital marketing, and graphic design, she has an appreciation for design and knows a thing or two about color theory. When she’s not at the Inspiration Gallery, you can find her at home jamming to ambient metal music with her cats Bernard and Charlie!

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