One of 2022’s most popular design trends for Kitchen remodels is the Full Height Backsplash. If you’ve been with Lakeside Surfaces for a while or have visited our 29th St Inspiration Gallery – then you already know how much we love this functional yet beautiful addition to your space!

Make a statement with BOLD veining:

Boldly veined backsplashes will make a stunning addition to your space, but you will want to keep in mind that it can be extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, to match up the veining perfectly to your countertop. Depending on your chosen material and pattern, this can help make the visual disruptions less noticeable.

If you love the idea of a full-height backsplash but are concerned with the veins not lining up perfectly – you can still make a statement with these alternative options.

Want to see a full-height backsplash in person? Visit our 29th Street Inspiration Gallery! Our showstopping installation is a great example of most caveats you may consider for your own project.

Full Height backsplash isn’t just for your kitchen!

We worked with Sarah from Grace in My Space on her most recent bathroom transformation. Get the full story on her blog here! Check out the before and after pictures below.

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