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Tile countertops have come a long way in the last twenty years. Today’s surfaces are oversized slabs that mimic marble, granite, linen, wood, and many other natural materials. Even better? They have none of the usage restrictions or maintenance issues of many natural surfaces.

The clay used for the porcelain slabs, known as China clay, has high mineral content. The feldspar, silica, kaolinite, and other mineral oxides make the product strong and durable. Once formed, it’s baked in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. Not only is the result exceptionally dense, but it is also virtually impervious to scratches, chips, cracks, and heat.

Glazes added during the manufacturing process are pigmented, enabling the slab to take on different colors and patterns. The glazing reduces the risk of staining by creating a non-porous surface. Unlike marble, porcelain is resistant to chemicals and won’t become dull from acidic foods, such as lemons and oranges. Glazed porcelain countertops are also UV light resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor kitchens.

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