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Caesarstone uses ground quartz with pigments and resin to create countertops that are earth-friendly and beautiful. Although the product is more than 90% quartz, binding agents give it more strength than marble, granite, and natural quartz alone. The most significant benefit of choosing Caesarstone countertops is durability. They are resistant to scratching, chemicals, and heat.

The non-porous surface means that, unlike granite, it never needs to be sealed. Its resilient nature also makes it stain resistant. Citrus acids, red wine, and nail polish, which can damage other surfaces, do not leave permanent stains, making maintenance a breeze.

Thanks to the broad range of pigments used, the engineered slabs are available in any style. You can customize your countertops to match any décor from traditional and contemporary to urban modern, French country, and industrial. Pricing is similar to granite, however, since they are manufactured, they have fewer defects than natural stone countertops. They come with a lifetime warranty for both the installation and the product.