We often pick color based on comfort or preference, not on what would enhance the functionality and feel of the space.

We believe this is the year to pick elements of color with a little extra intention behind it! Want a bathroom suite that allows for a little morning zen? Looking for a livelier kitchen? Trying to create basement bar that feels like an old friend?

Check out how these spaces utilize color to set a mood and get inspired to create the perfect ambience in your home! Do not allow another year to dominate the vibes in your home.

Cool colors can add a calming effect to your space.
This bathroom uses a light lavender and bright white to create a luxurious, yet fresh and easy space- perfect for those mornings that are anything but!

Purple not your flavor? See how these other cool tones can help sway the atmosphere…

Blue: Tranquility & Loyalty

Green: Growth & Freshness

Purple: Royalty & Spirituality

Turquoise: Sophistication & Healing

Silver: Sleek & Glamorous

Warm colors tend to have an exciting effect on a space.

This kitchen uses yellow and gold to create a sunny and prosperous disposition, even on the greyest of days! …and boy do we know grey days here in Michigan.

Other warm tones to consider
Red: Energy & Passion
Pink: Happy & Compassionate
Orange: Courage & Friendliness

Vibe change seasonally?
Neutral tones are a great base that allow either warm or cool tones to be added. The use of black and tan on this bar area creates a dramatic yet dependable feeling.
Other neutrals to consider…
Brown: Earthy & Friendly
Grey: Reliable & Solid

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