Choosing the best countertop…

Author | Bonnie Wickliffe Adams

Choosing the best countertop has never been so easy, yet so difficult. With all of the new colors and movement available in quartz tops there is an abundance of great choices. However, choosing the right one can be daunting if you do not narrow your choices to a manageable number.

The first consideration you need to make in deciding a top is, how do you want your room to function and feel? By this I mean, do you want a light airy room, a warm cozy room, or do you want the wow factor? This is important in narrowing your choices and giving a designer some direction to achieve the result you are looking for. Sometimes we just get lost in the weeds of all the beautiful colors and patterns and forget that they are not all suitable for the project at hand. A designer can really help with this process and keep your focus on what is right for you, not just the most stunning top in the showroom.

Another way to narrow your search is to decide if you like tops with large movement running through the top or do you like more of the subtle pattern. Finding the type of movement you like in atop and blending that choice with your cabinetry can really help you find some good choices that will accent and enhance the space.

Along with the movement in a top, look at the tops function in the space. This is key to your overall satisfaction with the product. Do you want a top that is going to have a sleek contemporary feel with very little movement, or are you the practical sort that does not want to see every crumb that comes from the toaster? A medium tone to light tone top is going to disguise the rigors of daily life more than a sleek dark top. If you are a compulsive countertop wiper this many not be something you are concerned about. Selecting a top that fits your lifestyle is going to go a long way to help you choose that top that is best for you.

Once you narrow your choices down to a few choices and you are still not sure of the winner. Take a large piece home. Even if you are getting new cabinets your tops will have to have a template done after the cabinets are installed. So, once the cabinets are in you have time before the template to put the piece on the top and step back. How does it look? I never worry if a client has a few tops that they really like, because once their cabinets are installed, they put that top on the cabinets, and step back they can easily see what top they like best.

Whether you are wanting the look of marble and choose Ella, or the bling and movement of a Galloway, your countertop is going to make the final statement in your project. If it reflects your lifestyle and mood of your room it will be the finishing touch you were hoping for. The great news is with a little help and all the variety and styles available you can get the countertop that is right for you and your space.

Bonnie  Wickliffe Adams is an Interior Designer that specializes in custom cabinetry and design. With over a decade of experience in custom cabinetry, she has developed a love of creating designs that focus on fulfilling the personality and vision of the client.  With a degree from Michigan State University in Interior Design and the gift of growing up as an Army Brat living all over the country and overseas, there is a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on when translating a client’s ideas into their personal style.

Moving to Northern Michigan has given Bonnie the opportunity to enjoy her passion for outdoor activities both in summer and winter with her love of design.

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