Alternative Finishes

Lakeside offers a variety of products with alternative finishes including MetroQuartz’s Atlantis series and 4E/ENVI Metro series. These products are made from natural materials and are created to have a distinctive, rustic finish. While these materials are beautiful, they may not be the right fit for every installation or every customer.

These finishes are subject to variations in color, shade and grain structure. A range of inconsistencies may be present in each top including channels, dips, ridges, depressions and indentations. These variations add character and are not considered flaws. No two slabs are exactly alike and the characteristics can vary greatly, making each installation unique. Tops containing these will not be replaced.

Matte Finishes

Small surface variations may be present in colors with a matte finish, these spots will appear slightly reflective when the light hits them. These characteristics do not affect the performance of the surface, and are not considered flaws. These characteristics may be more visible in light or solid colors. If you are looking for a more uniform finish, you may want to consider a gloss finish.

Textured Finishes

Textured finishes offer a beautiful and unique alternative to polished finishes. Due to the fact that these products are made from natural materials, they are subject to variations in color, shade and grain structure. Since these materials contain quite a bit of texture, it is typical for seams to have inconsistent height that you will likely be able to both see and feel. While this is unavoidable in these materials, Lakeside does their best to make them as inconspicuous as possible.


Since the texture varies so widely within a single slab, we do not recommend choosing these materials for your project until you have viewed a full slab. If you are uncomfortable about the unpredictability of the texture, you may want to consider going with the gloss version of these colors.

FULL SLAB IMAGE (above) The orange tape indicates the texture – some areas have a high concentration of texture, while others do not.

CONSISTANCY (below) There is no consistency to the texture, which is part of its natural look and feel. Texture and finish can vary greatly from slab to slab.

Dark Smoke Brushed 2
Envi_DarkSmoke Brushed_2


Due to texture variation from one side of the seam cannot be exactly matched and is expected to be uneven.

Is an alternative finish right for your next project?

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Alternative Finish Acknowledgement