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We had a chance to speak with Laura Giampaolo, Design Consultant at NuWay Kitchen & Bath, about her favorite surfacing products.  Like most designers, she is thrilled with how Cambria products strengthen her business. 

In a perfect world, everything would be as easy to design with as Cambria.  I use it in 95% of my designs.  There are still die hard Granite fans, though with each project I do, that is becoming a smaller and smaller percentage.  Being in this business of creativity for 34 years, Cambria tics all the boxes that I need for pulling together unique and fresh designs.

I keep up with the latest looks by utilizing the newest color combinations.  Recently, I had a client who lived on the water and wanted a fresh beachy look.  The answer, Oakmoor.  Paired with a cream cabinet with glaze, it gave the bathroom a high end, yet comfortable look that will be easy to live with for years to come.  It was also easily paired with glass tiles that brought the whole “Beach” theme together.

In another instance, a client was determined that she wanted marble in her kitchen.  Knowing that this was not a “user friendly” option, I designed the space incorporating Brittannica on the island with espresso cabinets, and on the perimeter of the room used white shaker cabinets, tying the look together using Cambria’s Greystone for the perimeter.  It was light, clean and just the right look for the timeless, classic effect she was going for.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match the designs.  It will not cost extra and makes a powerful statement.

Laura Giampaolo has an extensive design background with over thirty years of experience, she has also achieved expert level in 20/20 CAD Design.  Laura has worked on some very high end projects including the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia at the Trump World Tower in New York,  as well as other projects including an Embassy in Oslo Norway, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.  Laura started Interior Design right out of school and found that her passion was in Kitchens and Baths.  She specializes in reworking spaces and problem solving to satisfy the needs of her clients

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