Carrara Blanco

Inspired by the softest eggshell tones of Italy’s Carrara
marble, Carrara Blanco Quartz features wispy swirls of
grey veining dancing musically across a background
that s best described as neutral a-go-go. This color is
designed to have all the variations of natural stone.
4E is made of 92-96% of natural Quartz and it keeps
the consistency and stability of natural rock. Because
it is less porous than marble or granite, it is very stain
resistant and does not require sealing. It is a durable
and scratch resistant material that cleans easily with
simply soap and water. 4E is manufactured to be
hygienic and is a fully certified product including
NSF*, GREENGUARD and CE making it ideal for
healthcare, education, hospitality and food service

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