Countertops Are the Jewelry of Your Kitchen or Bath

Author | Nicole Salter

Every kitchen, no matter what sized it is, requires one important thing, a countertop. Some may say it’s just a countertop and it’s not that important to the design of a kitchen or bath. As an Interior Designer, I would have to disagree. The countertop is a large focal point of any kitchen or bathroom. The products available today for countertops are more advanced that they have ever been in the past.

Cambria quartz countertops are leading the pack in countertop design. I have yet to find a quartz countertop company that has been able to come close to what Cambria has been able to accomplish. The clarity of Cambria’s color and the special effects has everyone in the quartz market beat. I love the large selection of colors and patterns to work with when designing a client’s kitchen or bathroom I can always select a handful of color samples for a client to view with their cabinets and tile and they always will say to me that it all looks great.

Once a client has seen how awesome the Cambria looks with their design it is very hard to get them to look at any other product. I always tell my clients that a countertop is like the jewelry of your kitchen or bathroom. It will make or break the entire look.

Nicole Salter has been involved in kitchen and bath design for over 14 years. She graduated from Davis College in Toledo, Ohio with a degree in Interior Design, as well as a minor in Business from the University of Toledo. Along with her colleagues at Harris McClain, she is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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